Speciality Organic Produce Farm

Our farm focuses primarily on growing specialty, baby organic produce for Chef Nick Ronan of BIsou and Beso Restaurants in San Francisco. Most of our crops are grown from seed in our own greenhouses, and watered with natural spring water from our property. Our plants are hand tended, planted with companion plants to support their growth, then harvested young to produce the best flavor possible. We are very proud of our great tasting baby carrots, tangy beets, specialty lettuces, tomatoes, and edible flowers.  

Here at Napa Kitchen Gardens, we experiment with several varieties of produce to best support our personal chefs who create a ultra fresh seasonal menus. Our garden farm has been planned and operates using the many principles of permaculture, to maximize efficiency, work with nature, and minimize waste.

Our tasting garden has a rich variety of edible flowers and herbs that our chef and guests use to experiment with when creating new tastes for the season.  The combination of escaping to our rural countryside property, and eating wholesome organic food will leave you feeling refreshed, recharged, and ready to tackle your next set of challenges. Join us for a seasonal harvest party, for food pairings, and wine tasting too!

Eating from the NKG garden will "feed your body and nourish your soul." 





Scarlet Nantes Carrot - A classic. Bright Red Orange Flesh, cylindrical roots, very crisp

Danvers Half Long Carrot - Deep Orange Carrot, stocky conical Roots

Yaya Carrot - Deep orange flesh, cylindrical shape, amazing sweet flavor, crisp

Dragon Carrot - Vibrant Purple skin, Orange Flesh and an unusual yellow core. Spicy sweet flavor.

Amarillo Carrot - Sunflower- Yellow Carrot, Mild sweet flavor.

Chiogga & Candy striped Beet - Bright pink skin and candy cane striped flesh with alternating colors of white and dark red.

Golden Beet - Orange/ Yellow skin with bright golden flesh. Mild sweet flavor

Bulls Blood Beet - Dark purple skin and flesh. Tasty and tender when harvested young. Leaves are striking dark purple, which also makes a nice contrast in salad mix.

Little Gem Letttuce - Very popular in the specialty market. It's a baby romaine lettuce, with miniature compact heads. Light green outer leaves with golden white centers.

Rhazes Letttuce - A Little Gem type Lettuce. Outer leaves are a glossy burgundy with a beautiful contrast of lime green centers. Delicious and sweet.

Red Oakleaf Lettuce - A cutting lettuce with oak tree shaped leaves. Burgundy color with a gold sheen. Mild flavor.

Rocky Top Lettuce - A cutting Lettuce. An attractive blend of colors and different varieties mixed.

Napa Kitchen Gardens and Bisou Group have a shared vision of “farm to table”, but it’s more like “seed to plate”... in about 100 ft.
— Dan Edmonds