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Host your next off-site meeting or retreat at NKG

Napa Kitchen Gardens provides a beautiful and serene retreat and team-building space for teams and small groups that are interested a uniquely private and fully  immersive "off-the-grid" culinary experience.

Nestled on the edge of Napa County, this beautiful estate offers amenities like:

  • Culinary demonstrations & lessons 
  • Indoor/outdoor cooking and dining options
  • Organic garden tasting & farming tours
  • Pick from our garden, and cook with a professional chef
  • Conference Room with A/V capabilities, Bocce ball court, & Other Amenities.
  • Other team-building activities detailed in the "Learn More" section

 Off-site retreats and team-building activities are easily complemented with catering by our Bisou Group Restaurants partners and local wine tasting options. 

Our 210-acre property has been developed by its owners incrementally over the last decade as a rural escape to host friends and family.  The hilltop main house and pool has modern conference facilities for small teams to meet and work. Several indoor and  outdoor spaces provide for breakout rooms and other activities.   After a short walk or ride down the hill our guests enjoy harvesting super fresh organic speciality produce with our farmer  - -  while sampling local wines and playing a spirited game of bocce. 

Our owners’ vision for the vertical integration of small farm operations has come to life with the grow-to-order, seed-to-plate partnership  with the Bisou Group Restaurants in San Francisco.  This partnership offers many options for visiting groups and their team-building options on the property.  With great pride, we offer access to this unique private estate with the perfect mix of fantastic food and a special place to focus your team-building efforts. 

Napa Kitchen Gardens is a fantastically original venue for Executive Teams looking for healthy and immersive culinary & team-building experiences. We grow great food - - and our guests push it over the top at the table.
— Dan Edmonds, Founder
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